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Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication


11 Sep
We are now inviting applications for both a postgraduate and a postdoctoral psychologist to join the team for a year.
25 Jul
Alex Freeman has written a commissioned review summarising the evidence on medical risk communication, which has just been published (Open Access)
22 Jul
David Spiegelhalter helped design a citizen science 'game' with the Met Office which has revealed that adding information about the certainty of a weather forecast helped people make better decisions.
15 Jul
The Winton Centre team
The Winton Centre are hiring a postdoctoral psychologist to work on the communication of seismic risk.
28 Oct

David wrote a blog on the recent paper published by the Lancet demonstrating the global impact of alcohol consumption. This was a huge exercise from the Gates Foundation-funded Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Seattle. Read more ...

31 Aug

The Winton Centre for Risk & Evidence Communication at the University of Cambridge, in association with the M2D Network are delighted to announce that they are holding a 24hr workshop on communicating uncertainty on November 26-27th 2018, at Ye Olde Bell hotel in Berkshire.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together modellers and researchers with uncertainties to communicate, …

28 Aug
moodle wintton.png

The Winton Centre are delighted to release two eLearning courses. In partnership with the Australian Commission and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges we have produced courses on risk communication for primary care clinicians and for perioperative specailists such as surgeons and anaesthetists. The courses are freely available on our moodle site.

14 Jun

We have just launched our new front-end to the NHS Predict site for women who have had breast cancer surgery: The site is used regularly 20,000 times per month worldwide by oncologists to help guide treatment options for individual women. However, our new front end is designed to help communicate this same information to the patients, so that doctors …