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Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication


7 May
AZ HarmsBenefits v low exposure.png
We've produced some new graphics to illustrate the data released on 6th May 2021 on blood clots and the AstraZeneca vaccine from the MHRA
26 Apr
Risky Talk

Politicians and civil servants are hungry for data to help design effective policy. How do we best collect and communicate this evidence - to support good governance and public accountability?

Joining David to explore interactive dashboards, misinformation and what’s not in the data are:

Professor John Aston - former chief scientific adviser to the Home Office, now Harding Professor of …

7 Apr
AZ harms-benefits low exposure 8-4-21.png

Please note this article dates from 7th April 2021. New data from the MHRA and falling incidence of COVID-19 in the UK mean that these illustrations are no longer current. We are trying to source the necessary data to be able to update them.

All medical treatments have potential harms as well as potential benefits, and it's important to be …

30 Mar
Risky Talk

Statistics need care and context - but journalists are under pressure to craft engaging stories. Is there a way of doing both?

Joining David to explore how you turn data into a clear and compelling story are:

Caelainn Barr - Data Projects Editor at The Guardian

Tom Chivers - Science Editor at UnHerd and the author of How To Read …

23 Mar
The Winton Centre team is looking for new members: do join us!
23 Nov
Risky Talk
Communicating about vaccines has never been higher stakes. How do we do it well?
15 Oct
RealRisk logo
The Centre has publicly released RealRisk: its long-awaited tool to help those communicating medical statistics
25 Sep
A new blog and paper from Alex Freeman of the Winton Centre, with colleagues who have worked together to develop, and evaluate, elearning courses in risk communication and shared decision making in healthcare.