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Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication


Our funding sources:

Our core funding came from a philanthropic donation from the David and Claudia Harding Foundation. Neither the Foundation, nor David & Claudia Harding had any presence on our Management Board and so did not control the day to day running of the Centre or the projects we undertook.

Additional grants that we received include:

£83,514 from the Nuffield Foundation for work on "Communicating uncertainty in data without undermining trust" (2018)

£24,818.78 from the M2D Feasibility Fund for work on "Determining and facilitating the clearest ways to visualise uncertainty around estimates, time series and curves" (2018)

£8,114.50 from the M2D Feasibility Fund for a Communicating Uncertainty Workshop (held in winter 2018)

£46,467.00 from CRUK Cambridge Centre Early Detection Programme for work on "Risk communication with patients undertaking testing for BRCA genes" (2019)

£258,621.00 from the Horizon 2020 programme for work on the RISE project, Real-time earthquake risk reduction for a resilient Europe (2019-2021)

Any payments that Centre staff receive for speaking engagements related to the Centre's work are paid directly into our central funds to help finance our continued activities.  Any honoraria that Professor Spiegelhalter receives for engagements outside of his work for the Centre are donated to a charity chosen by Prof Spiegelhalter.

All staff and the Management Board have completed declarations of potential conflicts of interest in order to avoid any arising