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About the Winton Centre

Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication

About the Winton Centre

We believe that everyone has a right to balanced evidence on issues important to them; evidence presented in a transparent way, to inform but not persuade.

We therefore aim to:

  • Seek out the evidence about issues important to people’s lives, and ensure that it is presented to them in such a way as to make the potential for both risk and benefit as clear as possible.
  • Reach as many people as possible with evidence relevant to them, and to use feedback and research to be constantly improving its communication efforts.
  • Share its own knowledge and experience with others in order to encourage global adoption of the best known methods of communicating quantitative evidence clearly and without bias.

This entails:

  • Close collaboration with groups and individuals across the globe who hold data, expertise in analysis, or expertise in communication.
  • Close collaboration with groups and individuals across the globe who need information on which to base their decisions – whether those be personal, professional or political.
  • The development and evaluation of ways in which quantitative evidence can be communicated clearly to people who have different needs and come from different backgrounds, whilst acknowledging uncertainties and limitations in the underlying data.
  • A loud voice and collaboration with key communicators of evidence in a range of media, both to encourage excellence and draw attention to bad practice.
  • Whilst committed to collaboration, the Centre will always be independent in its work and never compromise its aims for financial or political considerations.

To collaborate with us, or simply discuss any potential projects, do get in touch via

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