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Resources we recommend

Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication

Resources we recommend

We are often asked 'what's the best way to communicate...'

Here we have gathered together resources that we'd recommend for different groups of professionals. Please select a page for resources specific to your field.

There are also some resources that are applicable across all fields that we recommend for anyone faced with the need to communicate numbers:

Communicating Risks & Benefits: An Evidence-Based User's Guide edited by Baruch Fischhoff, Noel T Brewer and Julie Downs for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 2011

Risk Perception and Communication Unplugged: Twenty years of Process by Baruch Fischhoff in Risk Analysis, 1995

Risk and Uncertainty Communication by David Spiegelhalter in Annual Review of Statistics and Its Applications, 2017

Visualising Uncertainty About the Future by David Spiegelhalter, Mike Pearson and Ian Short in Science, 2011

Probability Information in Risk Communication: A Review of the Research Literature by Vivianne H. M. Visschers, Ree M. Meertens, Wim W. F. Passchier and Nanne N. K. De Vries in Risk Analysis, 2009

A systematic review on communicating with patients about evidence by Lyndal J Trevena, Alexandra Barratt, Phyllis Butow and Patrina Caldwell in the Journal of Evaluation of Clinical Practice, 2005

Resources for Health Professionals

Health professionals are on the front line when it comes to communicating numbers. Here are some resources we recommend to help.

Resources for Legal Professionals

Forensic statistics - the use of numbers in legal cases - is a vital part of case-building in both civil and criminal law. Here are some resources to help legal professionals deal with it.

Resources for Journalists

Communicating numbers to the public is hard - but there is help at hand! Here are some of our favourite resources.

Resources for civil servants and government officials

The communication of evidence and risk within the world of government and policy is critical, and here we provide a number of resources to help.