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Resources - Resources for Legal Professionals

Weighing up evidence

What does a '1 in 42 million DNA match' really mean? What about 'the balance of probabilities'? Take our Quick Quiz for legal professionals to find out whether you need a pupillage in probability.

Most legal professionals are given little or no training in dealing with scientific evidence and numbers in court, and yet it is a necessary part of both civil and criminal law. Here are some resources we recommend (whilst we are working on producing more):

When courtroom evidence goes wrong - and how stats can fix it by Regina Nuzzo and Maki Naro for Knowable Magazine, 2019

Forensic Science: Last Week Tonight by John Oliver for HBO, 2017

Probability and Proof by Philip Dawid for Analysis of Evidence, 2005

Statistics in the law by Philip Dawid for Evidence, 2008