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Resources for Journalists

Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication

Resources - Resources for Journalists

Presenting numbers in the news is a great responsibility: get it wrong and you can create misunderstandings or even panic that will affect people's lives.

Try our Quiz for journalists to see how your skills shape up!

If you need some help, these are some resources that we recommend:

Evidence communication ticklist - our checklist for those setting out to communicate evidence

Real Risk - our tool to help understand, communicate and visualise numbers from health research

Making Sense of Statistics by Sense About Science, 2010

10 best practice guidelines for reporting science & health stories by the Science Media Centre

Reporting numbers: Chance and patterns by the BBC Academy, 2017

Reporting averages, percentages and data by the BBC Academy, 2017

Big numbers: Robert Peston and Mark Easton by the BBC Academy, 2017

Visualising uncertainty by Jessica Hullman, 2019