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Our Work

Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication

Our Work

The Winton Centre always has several projects running at once. Some are deeply practical and some are more research-focussed. Click on each to find out more:

Predict websites

Predict is a suite of personalised risk communication tools to help doctors and patients to make more informed decisions on cancer treatments.


RealRisk is an online tool to support press officers and journalists to report risks in a clear and responsible way. The tool converts specialist statistics (like relative risks and hazard ratios) into Absolute Risks with accompanying visualisations.

Communicating uncertainty

Uncertainty is inherent in all quantitative measures, and is vital to communicate in order to allow people to make their decisions in the light of the reliability of the evidence, but does communicating uncertainty confuse, and undermine trust?

Communicating quality of evidence

One of the uncertainties that we inevitably have about a claimed fact or number is how strong the evidence is that that fact or number is correct. How does such uncertainty affect people's trust and behaviour? And how can we communicate that strength of evidence?

Communicating results from genetic testing

With the era of personalised medicine dawning, genetic and genomic testing is becoming a mainstream part of our healthcare - but most patients and non-specialist clinicians find the results difficult to interpret. We're working to solve that.

Communicating the risks & benefits around transplantation

Patients considering transplant surgery have very difficult decisions to make and need to weigh risks and benefits up carefully. We are working with NHS Blood & Transplant to create an online tool to help.

Communicating the potential outcomes of policies

Policy decisions need to be based on the best evidence of their outcomes - but these will be different for different groups of people - there will always be winners and losers. We are working on how best to convey this complex information.