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Ruri Proto

Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication


Ruri Proto


Ruri Proto has a keen interest in research methodology and in making research methods open, transparent, reproducible, and defensible under scrutiny. She holds a MSc in Psychological Research Methods with Data Science from the University of Sheffield, obtained in 2021. Her current work for the Winton Centre is focused on the communication of risk-related information via graphic displays, particularly looking at risk matrices. She is also exploring if, when, how, and why Bayesian statistics approaches might help circumvent or make more explicit the arbitrary decisions that need to be made when applying frequentist statistics. Her interests are interdisciplinary and typically health-related, spanning the fields of medicine, public health, management, economics, statistics, and decision science.

Can You Handle the Evidence?

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Journalists & Press Officers
Do you know your absolute from your relative risks? Your ORs from your HRs? Test yourself here.
Medical Professionals
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14 December 2021

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