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Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication


Talks given on behalf of the Winton Centre

13th October 2016 – David spoke on risk communication to Lloyds Register Foundation Conference, London (no fee, expenses)

17th October 2016 – David spoke at Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester (no fee, expenses)

26th October 2016 – David spoke at RSS West Midlands, Warwick (no fee, expenses)

31st October 2016 – David spoke at Coram, London (no fee, no expenses)

10th November 2016 – David spoke at Centre Math Sciences , Cambridge (no fee, no expenses)

17th Nov 2016 - Alex gave talk on risk and evidence communication at the E-cigarette Summit, London (no fee, no expenses)

17th Nov 2016 - David spoke to British Pharmacological Society, London (no fee, expenses)

19th January 2017 - David talk on ‘uncertainty quantification’ at the Mathematics of Healthcare workshop, Royal Statistical Society (no fee, no expenses)

23rd January 2017 – David spoke at HQIP Methodology Workshop (no fee, no expenses)

15th February - Alex talk to LARIA meeting about the Winton Centre (no fee, no expenses)

16th February - Alex spoke at CSaP workshop on ‘conservation and policy’, David Attenborough Building, Cambridge (no fee, no expenses)

21st February - David talk to Centre Evidence Based Medicine, Oxford (no fee, expenses)

23rd March - David talk to Government Statistical Service, Leeds (no fee, expenses)

28th March - David talk to NISRA, Belfast (no fee, expenses)

4th April – Alex gave talk about science communication and the media to Sanger post-doctoral retreat, Clare College Cambridge (no fee, no expenses)

5th April – Alex gave lecture on risk communication on MSc Genomics course, Madingley Hall, Cambridge (fee declined, no expenses)

19th April – Alex gave talk on risk communication to East of England Public Health registrars, Addenbrookes (no fee, no expenses)

24th April – David at workshop on risk communication in pollution, Royal Society (no fee, expenses)

4th May – Alex talked about Centre’s work to CSaP Continuing Fellows, Royal Society, London (no fee, no expenses)

5th May – Alex gave talk on Risk Communication at UCL Dept Primary Care and Population Health (no fee, no expenses)

10th May – David spoke to RSS Leeds/Bradford Section (no fee, no expenses)

13th May – Alex gave talk with Mirjam Jenny on risk communication in screening at the Independent Doctors Federation Medical Screening Symposium, RCP (no fee, no expenses)

16th May – Alex gave response to Stephen John in talk on ‘lies and statistics’ at Cambridge Institute for Public Health (no fee, no expenses)

22nd May – David spoke at event on trust and truth in a post-truth world, British Academy (no fee, expenses)

6th June – Alex gave talk on risk communication at the GP Tutor’s conference, King’s College London (no fee, no expenses)

12th June – David spoke at Commonwealth Science Conference, Singapore (no fee, expenses)

21st June – George Farmer presented his work on the Predict project at Evidence Live conference in Oxford

26th June – David spoke to British Association Urological Surgeons, Glasgow (no fee, expenses)

28th June – David gave RSS Presidential Address, London (no fee, expenses)

29th June –David spoke to MEI Conference, Keele (no fee, expenses)

30th June – Alex gave talk on ‘Red Flag Research’ at Science Press Officers’ Conference, Wellcome Trust (no fee, expenses: travel Cambridge to London)

6th July – Alex gave talk at Peri-operative Medicine Congress, UCL (no fee, no expenses)

14th July – David gave talk on Trust at the Centre for the Future of Intelligence conference (no fee, expenses)

18th July – David spoke at World Statistics Conference, Marrakech (no fee, expenses)

20th July – Alex gave talk on risk communication at an Alzheimer’s Society event, 33 Queen Street, London (no fee, no expenses)

Talks given independently of Winton Centre

9th December 2016, David spoke at Risk Minds in Amsterdam (fee given to charity)

9th May 2017, David spoke at Global Derivatives in Barcelona (fee given to charity)

7th June 2017, David spoke at Tableau in London (fee given to charity)

12th July 2017, David spoke to McKinsey in Cambridge (fee given to charity)